About Me

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My journey into making wire jewelry started about a year ago in 2019 when I wanted to make some wire Christmas ornaments (see image below of the four ornaments I made). As I was making them, I realized I needed something to hang them from (not knowing at that time it was called a bail). So I started browsing the internet. I also had long admired a friend's wire jewelry but never thought that was something I could do.  

After watching several videos, I decided to give wire wrapping a try. My first pendant (below) didn't turn out too shabby. I was hooked! I certainly don't get to spend the time on it that I would like, but when I can I'm making jewelry or learning new techniques. All products are handmade by me, but some designs are by the masters of this art, some designs are influenced by their work, and some will be of my own design. There's a lot involved in taking a hobby and turning it into a business, it's a big learning curve, but it's coming slowly, and I look forward to seeing where this goes. 

Thank you for visiting! 

Humble beginnings...